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Rural houses and Farmhouses in Mallorca

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Rural accommodation en Mallorca

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Rural tourism in Mallorca. Slowfood

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Associació Agroturisme Balear and all its partners sympathize with the Slow Food. The fast pace at which we are subjected has forced us to acquire unhealthy habits that are not natural in human being. Therefore, our country-states are struggling to provide a local, traditional and friendly cuisine.

Taste is one of the senses that can enjoy more the stay in Mallorca: botifarrons, sobrasada,
sobrasada de cerdo negro, camaiot, blanquets, graxonera, pates, foie, are some of the delights. However, one of the products why Mallorca is internationally known is the ensaimada. Other typical sweets of Mallorca are: el gató, ice-cream, sweet and savoury pastries, croissants, panades, robiols, doblados, cremadillos, pies and cakes. Artisans of food and drink delights of Mallorca also make: mallorquinas, el frito mallorquín, el escabeche, berenjenas rellenas, empanadas and cocarrois.

Contact us and we plan your holidays "à la carte".

Rural accommodation with activities Slowfood in Mallorca